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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
Good morning to all our dear friends! Kipper and pals wanted to share what they have all been doing the last while:
The other day, when it was sunny (we are getting tropical storm rains due to Eta, presently nearing the southern end of Florida), we all went outside to play in the big grassy yard. Ma stayed nearby to watch for birds of prey and snakes are not usually in the short grass, preferring hiding places. We played ball and squeaky pig for about fifteen minutes. Oh my! It was so hot. Lily was the first to complain. All she wanted to do was to eat the sand piles the ants left behind. Even Lexi got to play with us and was nice to share the ball that Ma threw. She would catch it mid-air and then drop it for Nabi to pick up. Me (Kipper), I played with the squeaky pig!! What a noise we all made, squeaking and barking and having a great time! Ma promises that we get to go out the next time the weather is nice, which shouldn't be long!
A bunch of wild children have been coming to spend every Friday night to watch videos with Ma and Pa. We have to stay in the Florida room where our potty pads are. We get all our toys and food and water, but it is sad to be left in there so long. Our favorite part is when Ma comes and takes us one by one to the bedroom where we get to sleep together and get lots of loves! Ma says we have been very good about not barking and asking to be let into the room with the children. Hey! Those little people are not nice to be around! They want to squeeze us and try to force us into small spaces and they won't let us down to potty or drink or run around. We are thankful we don't have to be with them for that time.
Sunday, Ma gave us all baths and trimmed the hair around our eyes and clipped our toenails. We all behaved very well, even JinJu! She is usually Ma's naughtiest for grooming. Maybe after 6 1/2 years, she is finally learning that it is no big deal. Ma says I am one of her best to behave during the bath, but I sure hate combing time and sometimes I let Ma know that she is pulling my hair too much! She always jumps and apologizes when I snarl at her. Ha ha! I would never hurt her. I love her too much and I know she loves me bunches!!
Mozart waddles around and loves to sleep on the top of the back of the couch. His skin is so nice now that his hair is all thick and fluffy. Friends came to visit and asked what was different about him!! He loves to be cuddled and the only time he is feisty is when it is time for bed. We all know the sound of the video player turning off and we wait with baited breath until Ma says, "Time for bed!" Then, Mozart starts us all out barking and running for the bedroom, happy to have more time together! Molly always brings a toy in and Ma asks her to give it to her (which she does) and until the lights are off, Molly is trying to get one of us to play with her. Omari is her usual choice. If the lights don't go off fast enough, he gets fed up and jumps off the bed. Poor Omari. He just wants the best place next to Ma where he sleeps soundly all night long.
Pretty soon, we are going to go on a bike ride together! We are so excited. Ma and Pa both have trailers on the backs of their electric bikes, so we will split up and each ride in a trailer. Ma is hoping Pa will take the heavy dogs--Omari, Nabi, Lily, and Molly. That leaves her with just me (Kipper), JinJu, and Mozart. They say we will go on a trail so we will be safe and the route will be easy to ride.
Ma hurt her back by lifting her piano to put the floor protector under the wheel. She said her back went "POP!" She hasn't been lifting anything for almost two weeks and couldn't cough, sneeze, or sit for very long. She said God has healed her back because she is almost like new now!!! We are so happy for her. She prays to an awesome God, that is for sure!
Please share your news, too! It is mighty lonesome being mostly stuck at home. It would be fun to hear how you are all doing and what adventures you might have planned for the near future. In the meantime, we all want to thank you for being our friends and to let you know that we love you.
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