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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
Mozart and Omari visited the vet this morning. Mozart is doing really well, but was due for blood work, rabies and other vaccines. He didn't even flinch when the vet administered them. I was sure proud of my little man.
Omari was another story! He wouldn't even walk in the door to the vet's office! I had to carry him. He weighs 15 pounds. Little chunky monkey! He tried to bite every tech and the vet as he was examined and even when they went to carry him into the other room for his bloodwork. When they were finished with the blood draw, he didn't stop bleeding! They had to put a compress around his neck to get it to stop. Even when they gave the vaccines, he bled and he bled when they nicked the quick on his overgrown toenails. The vet was concerned, as he needs dental work, so she ordered a coagulation study before he can get his teeth pulled/cleaned. I asked what could be done if he has suddenly become a bleeder and she told me that she was hoping it was just his blood pressure because he was upset. We should find out on Wednesday. Two by two, I will be taking the puppies in for their annual exams and dentals.
I dressed Mozart and Omari up in their Christmas outfits and the entire office came over to take pictures of them They told me that it really cheered them up and they were so grateful for that. The head vet, Dr. Jeff, died suddenly a few weeks ago, so they are all still grieving. He was the one who helped me with our newest kitty, Nevaeh. He was a dear, dear gentle soul who love animals his entire life.
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