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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
I went for my final post surgical appointment after having my cataracts removed. Wow! What a difference. The world is so much brighter!! I have to wear sunglasses a lot. The doctor says that is because I still have some residual swelling that should go away as my eyes completely heal. I will go back in three weeks for a final check and refraction, if I should need one. I am seeing 20/20 today, so I am hopeful it will stay that way!! I am happy I don't have to wear that awful shield over my eye when I sleep. The tape ripped my hair out and it felt like my skin was being ripped off when I took off the tape each morning. When they did the surgery, they put a sticky mat across my entire face except for the eye that was being operated on and when they pulled the mat off, there went all my facial fuzz and some of my loose hair! Ouchie! I always told my grandchildren (who loved my fuzzy face) that the fuzz was duck down, since they call me Grandma Duckie!
Ha ha! All in all, this was a very painless procedure for which I am very thankful and it didn't keep me from doing most of the things I love the most! Especially grooming my puppies. For the first time, I could actually see their toe nails to clip and their haircuts turned out pretty good for a novice....
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Aug 29, 2008
Washington State
That is great news Susan and am so happy for you. I was not as lucky, i had the patches and know about the ripping hair, now my c-pap is doing that haha. Have to ask what my vision is, but i know its not good. Legally blind in my left eye and almost there with my right...uggh
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