Shayleigh's Vet visit


Lynn, Benji, Calleigh, Maggie, Shayleigh
Oct 13, 2009
Cranbrook, B.C. Canada
Shayleigh went to the Veterinarian Clinic yesterday for her 2nd puppy shot. The Receptionists and a few of the Technicians came over to see Shayleigh while I was waiting. I had to take her out of her Crate - she does not like crates and the poor little sweetie was trembling. They took her to the back and weighed her on a puppy scale. She is 1 pound 11 oz. now. Her mommy is tiny and I think Shayleigh will take after her. She got a really good health report and her 2nd puppy shot. She was checked for worms - but there was no sign they gave her one de-worming anyway and I was told that was probably all she needed since she had one one her last visit a few weeks ago. The technician also took her into the back room because she wanted to take a few pictures. While I was there there were some Labrador puppies too - it looked like there were 4 in the litter. They were 3 days old and much bigger than Shayleigh already, but that's just because they are a bigger breed anyway. I saw two black and one very light and one that had a reddish color. How cute. Anyway, all in all our Vet visit was a success! I'm glad it's over.
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