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Aug 30, 2008
This is a little long so please bear with me. I got a call from Michelle just before 10 last night. Shannon called her and said they had taken Ted (her hubby) to the ER with a possible stroke. He had been out mowing the yard and suddenly felt very dizzy and sick to his stomach. She sat him down but he kept getting worse with severe sweating. It wasn't that hot yesterday and he had not been out there very long. She helped him into the house where the air conditioning was running. This didn't help and he started throwing up. She asked him if he could make it to the car and he said no. He isn't one to see the doctor and he told her something was very wrong. He asked her to call the paramedics. He filled 3 trash cans and could not stop vomiting. When the paramedics and firemen tried to get him onto the gurney, he passed out. The 5 of them caught him before he hit the floor. They worked on him for 20 minutes before they started for the hospital. He was still throwing up 6 hours later... and still is today, every time he moves. They had trouble getting the MRI done because of his getting sick every few minutes. They really doped him up, trying to knock him out so he could hold still.

They ran all kinds of tests including a CT scan, MRI, etc. They were worried his testecular cancer had returned but that checked out negative. His heart checked as very strong and that is good. The emergency doctor said Ted is presenting with all the signs of a stroke, but they can not find the damaged area. At 2:30 this morning, they decided to admit him so they can watch him closely. Shannon stayed with him and we came home.

Shannon just sent me a text. The doctor came in and said it might be Vestibular Neuritis. It causes dizziness and vomiting. He will have a Physical Therapist come in and move his head around like a gyroscope. If that test comes back positive then they will send him home with nausea meds and maybe steroids. He said he doesn't think it's from a stroke at this time. PTL for that.

I will keep you updated as we hear more. All prayers are very appreciated.

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May 12, 2018
My mother used to suffer from something similar. The little hairs in her ear that has to do with equilibrium would get all messed up and make her extremely dizzy and sick to her stomach

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