Have you heard from Susan ?


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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
Hello, my dear friends! Things have been super busy and crazy at work, just as Lynn shared. I am sorry for my absence.
We lost our kitty, Gongjunim last week. I decided that she was so crazy to get outside to play with Goyang-i, that I would let her go out. Well, an owl or other bird of prey snatched her right out of our yard (she went into the back where the chickens and ducks stay) in the evening, just before I called for her to come back inside. All I found of her was tufts of her beautiful white hair and her collar that had been cleanly sheared off her neck. I was devastated, of course. She was a lovely cat and had just celebrated her first birthday. She was very loving and sweet to all the dogs, too.
My husband and I decided to purchase a used RV so we could get away and have some relaxation away from work and normal duties. We bought a 1997 Born Free President model RV that is 24' long. It is fully contained, so we have a shower, sinks, toilet, air conditioning, etc. It sleeps 6 so we can bring all our puppies with us! This last week, we left midday on Friday and drove over Snoqualmie Pass, past Ellensburg and down past Goldendale, WA to Maryhill. There, we stayed in the Peach Beach RV park. It was WONDERFUL! We biked and walked along the Columbia River and visited the Stonehenge Memorial (a copy of the original Stonehenge in England) that honors the fallen soldiers from that county in WWI. The ride up to the top of the mountain where the monument stands was too difficult to bike, so we walked our bikes up the hill and rode down in glorious fashion, taking care not to go too fast, since the weight of the puppy trailer wanted to keep me going faster than I was comfortable doing!
The puppies loved coming--even old Buddy got to come. The only rough spot was at night when he would cry and need to go out so many times to pee. Other than that, he loved riding in the dog cart and going down by the water. He skipped like a young puppy, he was so happy. I couldn't help but think that this very well could have been something on his "bucket list" before he crosses Rainbow Bridge.
Although we were physically active the entire time, it was relaxing in every way! No schedules to keep, no duties to do, and no telephones to answer! Our son did a marvelous job running the company while we were gone, so we had absolutely nothing to worry about.
We needed this time away and we look forward to our next mini getaway! The RV was just perfect for what we needed and we are so happy we had saved and waited until now to get it.
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Bobbi, Sandy and Roxy.
Aug 30, 2008
I am so happy for you guys! What a fun time you will have in your new RV. With plenty of beds and room for all your babies. I love to hear of your travels. You have a gift for writing. I can see, through your words, all the fun you had.

I am so sorry a bird got your beautiful Gongjunim. My heart aches for you. Lots of Huge Hugs for you my friend.

I am glad Buddy enjoyed his trip. What a joy for him too.


Lynn, Benji, Calleigh, Maggie
Oct 13, 2009
Cranbrook, B.C. Canada
That sounds like a lot of fun Susan! I hope you enjoy your RV and I'm glad that Buddy is getting some joy from going with you.
So, so sorry about your kitten.
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Aug 29, 2008
Washington State
No need to be sorry Susan, was hoping that you where not sick.
I am so sorry about
loosing your Kitten this way...
What fun you will have in your RV, you guys deserve it ! And sounds like you already started haha. Glad ol Buddy can scratch one off his Bucket List.