Happy New Year


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Aug 29, 2008
Washington State
Thank you Lynn, plan on making a platter of goodies like crackers,sausage, boiled sliced eggs with a tab of caviar that Mom bought and smoked Steelhead that Syl's BF smoked couple days ago and of course i have my bottle of Champagne all by myself to dull my pain (will post in diff. thread
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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
Oh Bobbi, I know just how you might feel! Both Rachel and I have been sick since before Christmas. We are beginning to feel better each day. Today, we biked down to the Dollar General which is about 2 1/2 miles away from our house. All flat, so it wasn't very demanding except that after such a severe illness, it still took a lot out of us. We have also been working up more time on the treadmill at night when we watch our Korean Historical Dramas. I am up to 45 minutes and have reached my 10,000 step goal for the past two days. That is a huge accomplishment, since I was barely able to do anything while I was sick. Take your time getting back up to speed. You want to stay well and you have had a lot on your plate!
Our New Year's was quiet until midnight. Someone in our neighborhood owns a fog horn and they blew it at least 12 times--maybe even 19!! Ha ha! A few explosions and then it was over. I got a phone call at 2:49 am from someone in Phoenix, AZ!! I didn't want to answer, but then they texted me and said they had my dog!! Come to find out, dear Lexi, in the care of one of our employees back in Washington until we can get her this Spring, was panicked from the noise of the new year there and ran away from the caretaker's home. Thankfully, she was returned and safe!
On New Year's Day, we helped my nephew celebrate his 40th birthday. Rachel played some beautiful music on their piano and we enjoyed just being out for the first time since before Christmas! The weather is lovely and so healing here in Florida!


Bobbi, Sandy and Roxy.
Aug 30, 2008
We had some fireworks here for the New Year but Sandy wasn't impressed. They scare the daylights out of her. Luckily they didn't last long and there weren't that many.

Marlin had to work and I was at home with the girls.

I only leave the house to take JoOnni to her appointments, then it is back to bed or to my recliner. I am very glad they found Lexi and she is back safe at home.
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