Happy Belated Birthday to Kipper and Nabi!


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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
Our sweet Kipper turned 7 years old on March 31. I was in Oregon, so even I missed his birthday. He is doing well. Super scrawny and skinny, barely 5 pounds, but eating better than he ever did in Washington. I think he likes the warmer weather. He still winds around our legs when we sing, "Kipper go round the mulberry bush..." He also acts like the sheriff of the family and will quickly jump on whichever dog is barking and out of control. He loves to run outside when we let him (very limited, however) and his little beard goes flat against his cheeks and his sweet little teeth show as he smiles while he runs. His ear infections cleared up and the vet here says he definitely does not have the heart murmur anymore (if he ever had one in the first place). I am so relieved. The last vet we had was wonderful, but she wanted me to spend thousands getting cardiac work ups to make sure he was not developing mitral valve collapse. I refused, since I learned that there isn't a thing they can do about it in a dog anyway. It would have meant he could drop dead at any time. I am glad I didn't put him through that and also that it apparently has gone away or was never there.
Nabi turned 4 years old on April 14. I missed that one, too, since I had just arrived back home and we were getting Rachel ready to move into her new house. Nabi is low dog on the totem pole, because she has always been so hyper and out of control. None of the other dogs deal well with that. Nevertheless, she is a beloved member of the family and the others get scolded if they treat her unfairly. She has started to assert herself a little more, so they have backed off a bit. She is 7 pounds and waits to eat until everyone else is finished. She will gladly clean up any bowls left with something in them. Ha ha! She loves to ride in the bicycle basket when my husband rides his bike. She is terrified of things in the night, so she will refuse to go out to go potty once it is dark. We try to make sure she is let out before it gets dark. I think it is the bug zappers we have running and during the day, she can't see the light they emit, but at night, the bugs are zapping in them and the eerie light bothers her. She will still roll over and play dead if we tell her, "POW!!" It even works when others say it to her. She is a delight for sure! JinJu does not get along with Nabi at all and will make every effort to lift her leg and pee on her every chance she gets! Naughty baby! If Nabi could roll her eyes at that, I am sure she would!
I found the neatest treats for my dogs that even Mozart (allergic to chicken and beef and Lily is allergic to peanut butter and chicken) can have. They are probiotic treats in the shape of a soft little bone. I give them one when they have to stay home while we leave the house for a length of time. Even JinJu can eat them if I break them into little pieces. That was the extent of any birthday gifts my babies got. Oh well. They are just happy they are so loved.
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Oct 13, 2009
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Wow, wow, Susan how busy you have been. I'm really busy today & all week, so just pop in once in a while to check up on all my friends.
:2birthday: belated birthday to Kipper and Nabi hope they had a good day, but I know they must have missed their mommy. Glad to see you back here again, I've really missed you.
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