Grooming day for Calleigh & Maggie


Lynn, Benji, Calleigh, Maggie
Oct 13, 2009
Cranbrook, B.C. Canada
Calleigh & Maggie are going to a new groomer today. I was so, so upset, the groomer I trusted and loved has moved to Prince Edward Island and left last month. I am trying a new groomer today for Calleigh & Maggie at a place called Pretty Pooch. Wish us luck. If I like it, Patti & Molly will be next. I have to be really careful with Patti as she doesn't even weigh 3 lbs right now and is very fragile. She is pretty healthy though and loves wandering all over the house so I have to watch where I walk now. The new food she is on has given her a new lease on life thanks to my vet Dr. Ruth who recommended it to me for Patti. I am so lucky I have two wonderful vets, Dr. Diane is my holistic vet and Dr. Ruth is my vet when the dogs need blood tests or surgery and X-Rays. Dr. Ruth found out what was wrong with Patti right away and Patti hasn't had any problems since.
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Bobbi, Sandy and Roxy.
Aug 30, 2008
I hope your new groomer does a good job for you. It is a challenge to find someone you can trust with your babies.
You are blessed with two people you can trust with the health of your babies. I look forward to pictures and a review of your new groomer.
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