Grooming Again!


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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
I can't believe how fast my babies grow their hair! It seems like just a couple of weeks ago, they all got haircuts and nails trimmed. Time flies, I guess. Anyway, I spent a good bit of time getting them all groomed--hair cut, nails trimmed and baths. They try to hide when they hear the water running in the kitchen sink (I have a really large and deep kitchen sink that works perfectly) and see me bring out the seven towels that are reserved for doggies! I started with JinJu, since she is my most uncooperative baby. She just hates having anything done with her feet or face. She is good for her top knot, though. Next was Mozart because both JinJu and Mozart needed baths with the medicated shampoo for their skin issues. JinJu is doing great, but I let Mozart out to pee on the grass, forgetting that he is allergic (?) to grass. He is all broken out again and since he is still on his Ultamino diet, I knew it was the grass that caused the break out. Then it was Omari's turn. He HATES baths and grooming. He gets the most severe grooming because his hair is so thick and grows so fast, I shave him completely except for his tail and head. His nails got trimmed, too. The others soon followed and after all the baths were done, I got out the comb and began combing them out. It went pretty fast, but I still think it was a few hours before I was finished. It was nice to have them all clean because on Friday morning I spent 5 1/2 hours scrubbing my floors on my hands and knees. I had been noticing that when I wiped up spills, the rag would be really dirty. I mop my floors every single week, whether they need it or not, but obviously my mopping was not getting up the dirt from when we first moved into the house almost two years ago! I took a scrub brush and got to work. Halfway through, I noticed my knee had a blister that popped, so I got a pillow and used that for the rest of the house. My knees were sure sore for a couple of days!! Now when I wipe up any spills, the rag is clean. Whew. What a job. So clean puppies and clean floors! I hope I can keep up with it now. I will send my Rosie Roborock to vacuum and damp mop every day and then I will vacuum and mop myself and see if that helps.
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