Breathing Issues


Bobbi, Sandy and Roxy.
Aug 30, 2008
Breathing problems/issues are not much fun. My doctor put me on a dual med inhaler that has 3 different meds included. This is to go with my rescue inhaler and my nebulizer. I also use a C-pap at night and every time I lay down. The smoke from fires does not help either. A couple weeks ago we were in the red zone. Tons of smoke. I couldn't even go outside. It isn't like that all the time. PTL. But we have varying degrees of smoke.

I can't go across the house without breathing hard. This has gotten so much worse. It makes any activity painful. You have to move to regain strength but then I breathe so hard my chest hurts. It is a wicked cycle.

My arthritis has gotten much worse and my Dr increased the Methotrexate from 5 pills once a week to 7 pills. I have to take them a few weeks before the results of the med are known. If this doesn't work, then I have to start IV's once a month... in their office. Methotrexate has a side effect ... it can cause breathing issues. So it is a fine balance.

I do all my shopping on line. Marlin brings home groceries. I adore him. Anyway, I don't get out... except for doctors appointments and blood work that I can't do over the phone. I did finally go in for a haircut. I have been cutting it myself since this covid stuff started. And I get my nails done again. Cassie has her own shop at home and it is very clean and sterile. It is out by their huge barn. Used only as her shop.

To make things short... I am not in good health. I have gained a ton of weight which makes all my health issues worse. I am going on a strict diet. Protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, and a meal for dinner. Please pray for me. I am scared of the direction I have been going.

Hugs my friends. Bobbi
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