Back to Level 2


Bobbi, Sandy and Roxy.
Aug 30, 2008
Idaho is now back to level 2. Our Covid cases are out of control. I am not going to card class tonight. It is just too dangerous.

Our family Thanksgiving get together has been cancelled. Probably Christmas too. Shannon works at St Luke's in Nampa. She does the surgery schedules and aids the surgeons with surgery. (She is a surg tech). All elective surgeries across this area have been canceled. Only emergency surgeries are allowed. They suggested all employees forget about Thanksgiving dinner will family or friends. It is too dangerous. The hospitals are all full. They have been doubling up Covid patients for awhile now, to try and make room. Most schools are going back to strictly on line.

It is scary around here. One of my friends just lost her hubby to cancer last week. Yesterday, she tested positive for Covid. So far, it seems to be a light case and I pray it stays that way. But I am so worried about her. None of the rest of our group has been around her for a few weeks. She has been at home with her hubby during his trials with cancer. No visitors but family and hospice. They are not sure where or how she was exposed. Such sad times.