A Challenge


Lynn, Benji, Calleigh, Maggie, Shayleigh
Oct 13, 2009
Cranbrook, B.C. Canada
Well, having a 1 lb. Yorkie is sure a challenge to me. Calleigh is about 5 lbs. and Maggie is 3 and a half, small enough for me. Benji is about 6 lbs. so, I am finding 1 lb. a little difficult. I got Benji as a puppy, but, he was never, never this small. Calleigh was a puppy when I got her too, but she was 11 weeks old and bigger, so, keeping Shayleigh safe is a real challenge. Everything is bigger than her! She has so much energy that I have to let her out of her crate for short periods each day. When I do, I am constantly looking at the floor to see where she is, also have to watch her with Benji. He is very, very gentle, but you never know - so I am being a protective mom. Any advice, Susan???:thinking: *I love her so much!
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Jul 25, 2017
Hawthorne, Florida
How well I remember the days when my super tiny mites were so small. Our first yorkie was Kipper. At that time, he was the smallest dog I had ever seen (He was 8 weeks old and already almost 2 pounds--now he is a skinny 5 pounds). I was always scared I was going to step on him. The little ones race around so fast, it is hard to keep your eye on them. The best advice I can give you is to take it slow when you walk or move around the house!! My sister, an RN, told me that most older folks break their bones by falling over their small pets. (None of us want to smash our babies!!) Also, keep a good grip on her when you are lifting or putting her down. I dropped JinJu from less than a foot high and it broke her front leg!! I was so devastated! She was so very, very tiny (10 weeks old when I got her and not quite one pound). Omari was even smaller, but his bones were sturdier and I knew he wasn't a yorkie the moment I got him. Although his mother was yorkie, he took after the Shih Tzu father.
Rachel used to have LingLing sit in her lap while she taught piano lessons. LingLing got so that she would fall asleep on Rachel's arm and wouldn't even wake up when Rachel reached out to show the student something! I sure miss my beautiful baby girl. LingLing loved the music! I think your tiny Shayleigh will, too!!! It is exciting to hear that she is so active. That is a good sign. LingLing was born with a severe hernia that had to be repaired before she was a month old. JinJu was so very tiny that the breeder had to feed her with an eye dropper for over a month! Now, when our big dog Lexi comes in from outside, JinJu is busy biting her ankles and acting like she is the big dog. Thankfully, Lexi is very gentle and doesn't even pay attention to my naughty baby girl. These tiny ones sure have huge courage!! That can get them into trouble, so I am super careful when we are out and about with other dogs around! I am so excited about Shayleigh!!! I love, love, love hearing everything about her!!!!
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