1. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I hope your eye shot went well. I am so grateful I do not need something like that to be done, but I am sure glad it works for you! JinJu's eye has completely healed. Hooray!
  2. Candy @ Candy:
    Eyeshot Day again today:pout:
  3. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Goyang-i got JinJu cornered again, just as I was coming out of the bathroom. Poor baby!! I don't see any signs of additional injuries. I put the kitty outside to play with lizards instead of my babies!
  4. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Thank you Candy. It was a couple of days ago. She is fine now. Hugs
  5. Candy @ Candy:
    Oh mo !!!
  6. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    I have JoOnni back in ER. Her colostomy bag exploded and it got into her wound vac.
  7. Candy @ Candy:
    Ultra Sound on my Thyroid today. results tomorrow...
  8. Candy @ Candy:
    Thats great, poor baby, hope she recovers quickly !
  9. LynnR @ LynnR:
    That's great news, Susan.
  10. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    God is so good!! She is skinned up and bruised, but no broken bones. She hit the undercarriage of the big moving truck, both front and back, but was not run over. She gets to come home. Thank you for your prayers!
  11. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Oh no!! Molly was found under the neighbor's porch. They are rushing her to the vet right now. It doesn't look good. Her hind quarters are badly injured.
  12. Candy @ Candy:
    My computer is semi working, so hope it lasts a bit longer
  13. Candy @ Candy:
    Oh no about Molly, hope she is found safe :prayer::prayer::prayer: Happy you are seeing better.
  14. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Molly, my SIL's new yorkie ran away this morning and got hit twice by a truck. She got up and ran away. They have not been able to find her. Please pray that she is not badly injured and that she will soon be home again!
  15. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Everything's clear now.....!!!! I can see!! What a HUGE difference! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement all this time.
  16. Candy @ Candy:
    sorry guys having computer problems. For some reason I can’t make things bigger so I can’t see Sylvia should be out tomorrow maybe she can help me out
  17. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Getting ready for the big day tomorrow! It will be earlier than last time, so I am happy about that since I can't eat or DRINK anything after midnight tonight. The no drinking part is the hardest for me. I love my water!!
  18. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I probably won't be on to tell you happy birthday, Bobbi, but please know that I wish you the very best birthday, ever! My vision is really good in my right eye, but I still get severe headaches if I read too long or am on the computer much. I will be back when this is all over!
  19. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    On my birthday. That is awesome Susan. I am so happy for you. I have the start of one... but it is super tiny.