1. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I probably won't be on to tell you happy birthday, Bobbi, but please know that I wish you the very best birthday, ever! My vision is really good in my right eye, but I still get severe headaches if I read too long or am on the computer much. I will be back when this is all over!
  2. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    On my birthday. That is awesome Susan. I am so happy for you. I have the start of one... but it is super tiny.
  3. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    My next cataract goes bye bye on October 22. I can't wait!! Busy days with lots of appointments for the next 4 weeks and then my oldest daughter arrives with 4 of her 8 children for a visit!
  4. Candy @ Candy:
    Thats not good Susan !
  5. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Maybe more like a mole. I can't see too well.
  6. Candy @ Candy:
    What a busy Beaver lol
  7. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Finished quarterly taxes and reports late last night. Whew. What an eye strain. All went well, once I got the online sites to work. They weren't working earlier in the day, so I did other things like balancing the checking account, etc.
  8. LynnR @ LynnR:
    I just posted two adorable pictures of Kippers mom (Susan's babies) they are all too, too adorable.
  9. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I am really struggling with my eyesight. I can't wait until next week when I will get my left eye fixed. Two weeks later, I get the right eye done.
  10. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Glad to hear you are ok. I worry when one of you hasn't popped on. Hugs and good luck with all of your new students. :agree:
  11. LynnR @ LynnR:
    I have a lot more students than last year, I'll pop in when I can.
  12. LynnR @ LynnR:
    I was at the Vets with Shayleigh, got her Puppy Shot and Microchip.
  13. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Where is everyone? Have a wonderful day:blowkiss:
  14. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    The coughing is worse again, today. Hopefully I can get rid of the cough soon. And my ears feel plugged. Tomorrow will be better.
  15. Candy @ Candy:
    Thats good Bobby ! Get lots of Rest !
  16. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    I am starting to feel better. Thank you for asking.
  17. LynnR @ LynnR:
    How are you feeling, Bobbi?
  18. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    I had a rough night, but I am still coughing this morning. It will run its course and then I will feel much better.
  19. Candy @ Candy:
    Sorry, hope you feel better soon.I am scared to death of getting sick for us on O2
  20. LynnR @ LynnR:
    Feel better soon, Bobbi!
  21. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    You are not a baby! I am so sorry you are sick! I will pray that you feel better, soon!
  22. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    I have been coughing my head off for a couple of days now. Sore throat, etc. Being a baby. LOL.
  23. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    I am down with a bad cold. I cleaned out an area that was very dusty and it got me. I don't do dust. It makes me sick every time.
  24. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Nice! We are having Fall weather, too! For a few days, we will finally have lower temperatures--low 80s during the day and low 70s at night.
  25. LynnR @ LynnR:
    It's really chilly here today! Fall is on it's way, wish we could do summer again.