1. LynnR @ LynnR:
    It's supposed to be a really nice day here today also. Yesterday, when I went for the walk with Ruth we heard Thunder and lightning so just went around the corner. Our weather has been terrible here.
  2. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Yesterday, we spent the day helping my brother clean his shed and then unload a big utitility trailer of stuff into that same shed. Whew! It was hot!!
  3. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    What a beautiful day we are having. It will be 95* and there is a light breeze blowing. How peaceful. Hope you are enjoying your wonderful Sunday also.
  4. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    That is wonderful Susan. I am glad it is fixed.
  5. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Got the payroll tax problem solved, thanks to QuickBooks!!! Hooray!
  6. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    My mistake on the Family Medical Leave!! We owe $572. I must have done something wrong when I set it up in QuickBooks. My CPA will help me figure it out.
  7. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Everyone is busy this summer. I have been working out in the yard a little at a time. It is nice to get things going in the right direction. Hugs
  8. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Therapy went well this morning. So did my trip to the Rec Center. Lots of good exercise. Now I am waiting for Senske to get here and spray the lawn.
  9. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    They want you to work very hard for that $3.50. I am glad you are done with that.
  10. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Then I had to repeat it for the second quarter! It took me a couple of hours to get through that, and all for the amount we owe, which is $3.50!!! What a burden on small businesses!
  11. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Taxes all done. The new Family Leave garbage Washington State is forcing upon ALL employers is ridiculous. I had to input 25 employees names and SS numbers and hours worked and pay received.
  12. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Busy with quarterly taxes! I hope you are all doing well.
  13. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    I am off to a Norwick party with Judy. Marlin is in bed and the babies are with him. See you later. It is beautiful here again today.
  14. LynnR @ LynnR:
    90 is way too hot for me, love our temps today in the 60's
  15. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    It is supposed to cool down here over the next several days. Today it will only be in the lower 90s, with thunderstorms predicted for the next week!
  16. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Back from Key West, Florida!!
  17. Candy @ Candy:
    Hope you feel better soon Lynn xoxo
  18. LynnR @ LynnR:
    Thanks Bobbi, I can hardly open my eyes today, but today is supposed to be cooler, so I hope it helps.
  19. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Hope the cooler weather will slow down your allergies Lynn.
  20. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    How did your study go Candy?
  21. Candy @ Candy:
    Spend the night in a Sleep Center last night :sleepy:
  22. LynnR @ LynnR:
    My allergies are really bad today! Red Eyes, sneezing all the time. I was working outside yesterday so that is probably why.
  23. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. What a way to spend it... in the hospital. I am glad she didn't need surgery. :hbtext: :2birthday: :bcake:
  24. Candy @ Candy:
    Hope it does not get too bad !
  25. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Thank you for the belated birthday greetings! We are supposed to have a pretty amazing storm here in a bit, so I am signing off for the night.