1. LynnR @ LynnR:
    See the post about Maggie, I just posted it and have to go grocery shopping now. She's just waking up!
  2. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Guess what? I have to do the taxes the same way. My CPA told me we weren't going to get to itemize this year, so I didn't keep track of it and now I have to itemize!!! GRRRRR
  3. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    HEY!! I got all the quarterly taxes done, all 30 W-2s for employees done and the 1099 and 1096 sent along with the W-3! Yippee! Now all I have is our personal taxes and that shouldn't be hard this year, with the new forms and rules.
  4. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Tax time!! Ugh.:cry:
  5. Candy @ Candy:
    Happy New Year Everyone :drink:
  6. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Happy New Year to all my friends, both human and furry!
  7. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Molly almost has me housetrained! Things are really looking good here in that respect.
  8. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
  9. LynnR @ LynnR:
    I actually love snow at Christmas, then it can go away the day after!
  10. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Snow?? Oh my, Lynn! You are really getting hit with lots of bad weather this year. I hope 2020 will improve!
  11. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    Wow! I love it! Merry Christmas to all.
  12. LynnR @ LynnR:
    Yes, it's nice and great for a Christmas background! We actually have a little snow here and it's :wind3::cold:
  13. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
  14. Candy @ Candy:
    Thats great Susan !
  15. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    JinJu's eye has completely healed!! Yippee!
  16. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I am not sure I could face that, Candy. You are very brave.
  17. Candy @ Candy:
    Took me a couple of days to get over that one..
  18. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I hope your eye shot went well. I am so grateful I do not need something like that to be done, but I am sure glad it works for you! JinJu's eye has completely healed. Hooray!
  19. Candy @ Candy:
    Eyeshot Day again today:pout:
  20. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    Goyang-i got JinJu cornered again, just as I was coming out of the bathroom. Poor baby!! I don't see any signs of additional injuries. I put the kitty outside to play with lizards instead of my babies!