1. Candy @ Candy:
    Yes Kyle had to Reset Server, sorry Susan !
  2. LynnR @ LynnR:
    I know Susan apparently they had to reset the server because something went wrong. Missed you!
  3. KippersMa @ KippersMa:
    I had written several posts that were deleted, so I am here, but all my messages were lost. Oh well. We have been busy here. Puppies are fine and playful. Mozart is dreadfully allergic to grass!
  4. LynnR @ LynnR:
    It's a Long Week-end here in Canada.
  5. LynnR @ LynnR:
    Is Bobbi ok????
  6. LynnR @ LynnR:
    Im here
  7. Candy @ Candy:
    Where are youuuu !!!
  8. grandmatoall @ grandmatoall:
    We did have an earthquake. It wasn't bad and only lasted a tiny bit. Thank you for asking.
  9. Candy @ Candy:
    Bobbi are you guys ok ? Heard you had a pretty good Earthquake ???